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Learning Outcomes
  • Aims:
    • we want our students to be able to tune in to their natural surroundings, be more aware of the resources that nature makes available to us
    • This in turn will allow our students to learn from their experiences, challenge themselves safely, and to have fun. whether that's from getting out for a days walk or spending a weekend in the back of beyond.
  • Outcomes:
    • To be able to confidently face now experiences and challenges with enthusiasm.
    • Learn to be able to work together to reach shared goals or confidently be able to work independently.

Objectives can include

    • Finding or making temporary shelters from what we find in nature.
    • How to make fire from a variety of resources.
    • How to tend your fire safely.
    • Learn how to cook using a camp fire.
    • Forage and / or make some fire lighting tinders
    • Forage for edible food sources in your local environment.
    • the safe use of cutting tools.
    • Find water and making it safe to drink. 
    • Improving your map reading skills and learning to understand natural navigation techniques. 
    • How to have the least impact on our surroundings as possible.
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